SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019

Digital Founders Network
Mastermind VI -Taj Villa

Our 6th Mastermind will be held in a luxury palace in Marrakech, Morocco!


Masterclass Speakers & Attendees

Nick Shackleford

Nick Shackleford

Structured Social & Geek Out Education

Nick has a proven track tecord of scaling social focused campaigns consistently past 8-figures through programmatic buying, influencers, e-mail and adwords.

Learning and growing businesses in this ever changing age of customer acquisition.

Growing up I spent my time focused on athletics and team orientated goals rather than striving for a positive mark on tests. After 15 years of dedication, two division 1 universities and representing the team I supported as a boy (LA GALAXY). The goal of obtaining professionalism within my sport became a reality.

Knowing that I had more to offer, I applied that same drive to work with established brands as well as brands looking to make that pro jump. 

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Platinum Partner

Gorgias transforms your customer support into a profit center.

It enables over 1800 Ecommerce merchants to manage all their customer service - Facebook & Instagram, emails, chat - in a unified platform integrated with Shopify.

Developed with Automation and Monetization at its core, Gorgias builds your brand with each customer interaction. 

Gold Partner

At &Bam, our job is to make sure your subscribers get excited when they hear from you.

How? Simple. We treat your customers like people. We write, design, and segment rockstar emails crafted not only help your business, but inspire brand loyalty in every inbox we reach.

Our Goal: To make sure you don’t have to worry about your email marketing. Ever.

Silver Partner

SMSLive helps you start conversations with shoppers and convert them into loyal repeat buyers.

Starting at $0.01 per message, SMSLive guarantees 25x ROI within the first 30 days or get 1 year free.

SMSLive is designed to make every interaction personalized and in real time, as it should be.

Event Metrics

Our Entrepreneurs are encouraged to seek out new opportunities and partnerships at every event

6 th


8600000 $

Estimated Revenues reported 
from past attendee partnerships

130 +

Total Attendees

DFN Mastermind

The largest most luxurious villa in all of Morocco

A DFN Mastermind isn't just a business retreat. Detach from your daily environment and immerse in an experience!
You're invited to enjoy the rich culture of Marrakech, the stunning palace and city views, private staff and palace fit for royalty.

Mastermind & Network

Limited to a small vetted group of just 30 attendees. You'll get a chance to meet other successful entrepreneurs and learn about their businesses, share feedback and get guidance with your own personal and professional path.

Note: We have a strict no gimmick/guru/trademark policy. 

Masterclasses & Speakers

Our Masterclasses gives you an opportunity to learn from the top 1%. Each of our speakers have created successful multi-million dollar empires and are current practioners of their crafts.

The DFN Style.

A one of a kind luxury palace with the largest swimming pool in Marrakech. The property has 19 luxury bedrooms and sleeps up to 53 people. There are several living areas to mastermind and relax. And comes with all 5 star ammenities including a full palace staff with private chef & barman. It's truely an unforgettable experience!


Royal Single


per person

Royal Couple (10 spots)

per couple

Nanny services available.

Cartels Alumini

Steve Sparks, Founder
Founder, 8-Figure Brand
Cartels Member
Christina Marie, Ecom Founder 
7 Figure Entrepreneur
Josh Elizetxe
Snow, Founder
Jordan Rolband
DFO Global, President
Chris Santos
Ecom Founder
7-Figure Brand
Daniel Snow
Founder, RapTV | SocialCadre
Derric Heynie
Gorgias, VP of Marketing
Jonathan Lau
7 Figure Entrepreneur
Qazi Brother
8-Figure Entrepreneurs
Nishant Bhardwaj
8-Figure Entrepreneur

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